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Plum : Side Effects, Ingredients, Benefits For 1 Year Old Children

Plums are indeed one type of fruit that still sounds very foreign to most people. Even though this fruit is included in the food category that needs to be consumed regularly, even though it has a fairly expensive price. This plum fruit turns out to have important benefits for children who are 1 year old.

For those of you who don't know, plums have a shape like apples and have a maroon color when they are completely ripe. Besides this fruit has a sweet taste, sour taste and of course very fresh.

Plum : Side Effects, Ingredients, Benefits For 1 Year Old Children

Benefits of Plums for 1-Year-Old Children

Why are plums so important to eat for 1-year-old children? Because this fruit has very necessary nutrients and antioxidants. And here are some of the benefits of plums for 1-year-olds that you need to know.

1. Preventing Constipation Problems
When the child is 1 year old, of course, you will give him additional food, but some mothers do not see whether the food given contains enough fiber or not. Because lack of fiber can cause your child to experience constipation problems.

By giving plums regularly in small portions, it turns out to be able to smooth the digestive process and prevent constipation problems that often occur in children aged 1 year. Because at that age there are often problems in the digestive system caused by a lack of fiber.

2. Controlling Weight
Sometimes parents will feel anxious if their 1-year-old child is overweight. Because this situation makes children easily tired and will even slow down the process of learning to walk.

By giving plums regularly it turns out to be able to control excess body weight. Because at that age children will find it easier to gain weight.

3. Maintain Eye Health
Maintaining eye health for children aged 1 year is the obligation of every parent. Because during the growth period of the child, of course, you have to provide Vitamin A to meet the daily vitamin needs of your child.

Providing plums is the best solution for maintaining eye health for children aged 1 year. Why is that? To keep the eyes from being susceptible to various eye health problems.

4. Maintaining Healthy Bones and Teeth
For children aged 1 year, of course, they must get enough calcium intake so that their bones and teeth can develop properly and be strong. In addition, calcium in plums is also very good for the growth of bones and teeth in children.

Plums do have a high calcium content, so it is very good to be given to children aged 1 year, which is the beginning of the formation of strong bones and teeth.

5. Maintain Body Resistance
Children aged 1 year are very susceptible to various diseases, it is caused by a lack of strength in their immune system. To overcome this problem, children must get sufficient antioxidant intake.

Plums contain natural antioxidants which are very good for increasing endurance in children. So it is very good to give plums regularly so that children are not susceptible to various diseases.

6. Prevents Insomnia
Most children aged 1 year often experience insomnia or difficulty sleeping at night. This is of course very influential for children's growth because it is caused by lack of sleep at night.

Giving prunes regularly turns out to be able to make children sleep better at night. In addition, the benefits of plums can also be consumed for children aged 1-5 years who have insomnia problems.

7. Overcoming Various Mouth Problems
Oral problems are very common in children aged 1 year because at that age a lot of food is consumed but it is very minimal to clean their oral health so that it can cause various oral problems.

Various oral problems often occur in children aged 1 year such as canker sores, swollen gums, and toothaches. To treat it you need to give warm water mixed with sliced ​​plums, then use it to rinse your kid's mouth.

8. Maintaining Stomach Health
Having a healthy stomach can certainly make children feel comfortable when consuming anything high in nutrients. To maintain gastric health in children aged 1 year, you can give plums regularly.

9. Preventing Liver And Kidney Disease
Liver and kidney disease is a disease that can occur in children aged 1 year, although it is very unlikely that children will experience these problems, there is nothing wrong with preventing it rather than treating it. Giving prunes regularly to children is the best solution to prevent this disease.

Plum Ingredients

Plums are one type of fruit that has various nutrients and vitamins which are of course very much needed for children aged 1 year who are in their infancy. Here are some important ingredients in plums that you need to know.

  1. Potassium 162 mg
  2. Phosphorus 13.83 mg
  3. Calcium 7.61 mg
  4. Magnesium 7.79 mg
  5. Iron 0.28 mg
  6. Vitamin A 0.22 mg
  7. Vitamin B1 2.21 mg
  8. Vitamin B2 0.05 mg
  9. Vitamin C 0.05 mg
  10. Niacin 0.6 mg

Side Effects of Plums

Plums are a type of fruit that contains allergies in some children, so they can cause several problems that arise from consuming plums. If you are going to give plums to a 1-year-old child, make sure your child is allergic or not by giving it a little first, if it is safe then you can continue, but if it causes an allergic reaction then stop immediately.

Tips for Choosing and Giving Plums

Choosing plums for 1-year-old children is not arbitrary, because if you choose the wrong one it can cause health problems for your child, and here are tips for choosing plums that are suitable for consumption for your 1-year-old child.

  • For 1-year-olds, feed the tree fresh, ripe plums. To find out you can press lightly on the tip of the fruit, if it feels soft then the fruit is completely ripe.
  • Choose plums that don't have bruises on the skin of the fruit. Because the fruit is still covered with white powder, it shows that the fruit has never been touched.
  • Avoid plums that have a hard texture, because they are usually picked too quickly so they have a bad taste.
  • Give the prunes in a pureed form until they are completely smooth and give it just 50 grams.
  • Prunes that have been made as puree can be combined with yogurt, cereal porridge, or red weight to add more nutrition for a 1-year-old child.
  • You can also give plums directly by cutting them into small pieces because children aged 1 year already have the skills to hold and chew the food they are holding.

Those are some of the important benefits of plums for 1-year-old children that you need to know. And hopefully, this article can add to your insight in providing intake of fruits to your beloved child. Regards