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Slow Deep Breathing : Benefits and Effects for Overall Body Health

Everyone certainly has the right and also the obligation to keep their body healthy. Whether it's consuming nutritious food and doing regular exercise, both light exercise and vigorous exercise. But it should also be noted that when you are going to do sports, you are required to warm up first so that the muscles do not experience cramps when you do sports.

In addition, you need to teach some activities that are not good for your health, such as sleeping late at night, drinking alcohol, smoking or consuming excessive food. Because some of these activities will cause health problems for your body.

Suffering from a disease can attack anyone, and even people who have tried to maintain their health can also get various diseases. One of the new activities that need to be considered to get a healthy body is breathing to get the benefits of oxygen for health.

Slow Deep Breathing

Benefits of Slow Deep Breathing for Health

Slow deep breathing is a breathing activity that does have important health benefits. And here are some of the benefits of slow deep breathing that you need to know.

1. Provides a Relaxing Effect
To get a relaxing effect, usually someone will do certain things, and some are even willing to spend money just to get a relaxing effect. Even though by doing the slow deep breathing technique, you indirectly have a relaxing effect on your body.

Why is that? Because when you do, you will take a deep breath slowly. However, please note that you need to know more about how to do the slow deep breathing technique so that you can get the benefits.

2. Relieve Acute Headache
Headaches are a disease that is often experienced by most people, but please note that this disease should not be taken lightly. However, most people will take medication when they experience headaches.

In fact, by applying the slow deep breathing technique, headache problems can be easily resolved. This is because the slow deep breathing technique is very effective in relieving acute headaches due to head injuries in the process of analgesic therapy, which is certainly much more effective than other breathing techniques.

3. Increase the Supply of Oxygen to the Brain
The benefits of slow deep breathing are very effective in increasing oxygen supply to the brain, thus making the brain's performance more optimal and keeping the brain healthy.

The positive impact that is given when you do slow deep breathing is that it can cause sympathetic nerve stimulation and block the parasympathetic nerves, so that it will have an impact on vasodilation of the blood vessel system leading to the brain, causing oxygen to the brain to increase.

4. Lowering Stressful Thoughts
Stress thoughts can be experienced by anyone, there are several factors that can cause the mind to become stressed such as piling up work, having no money, many problems both at work or at home and many more. Besides that, stressful thoughts should not be underestimated, because this condition is the beginning of various diseases to appear in the body.

In addition, constant stressful thoughts without any way out or someone closest to help can cause depression. One of the best ways to reduce stressful thoughts is to do a slow deep breathing technique.

This method is indeed very effective, because when you do it it can help to control or manage thoughts. If you have ever seen someone who has thoughts of stress, then there are people who suggest doing a slow deep breathing.

5. Stabilizing Blood Pressure
Hypertension is a disease caused by very high blood pressure, for people with this disease it can recur due to several factors such as consuming foods that can trigger high blood pressure.

For diabetes sufferers, a therapy that can be done by everyone, namely the slow deep breathing technique, has been done, and the results obtained are very satisfying, because using this technique can lower blood pressure to normal.

Performing the slow deep breathing technique really affects a person's blood pressure. Apart from that, doing this technique also affects the sympathetic system which can lower blood pressure.

6. Other Benefits
In addition to some of the benefits that I have previously described, there are also several other benefits that you can get when doing the slow deep breathing technique, such as overcoming respiratory problems such as shortness of breath, lowering blood sugar levels, and helping to reduce several psychological ailments such as an overly anxious mind.

How to Do Slow Deep Breathing

As I explained earlier, you have to do the slow deep breathing technique correctly so that you can get the benefit of doing this activity, and here's how to do a slow deep breathing.

  1. Adjust your position in a sitting or lying down
  2. Then put your hands on your stomach
  3. Doing slow and slow breaths through your nose and then inhale for 3 seconds, then feel your stomach expand when you inhale
  4. Hold the breath for 3 seconds
  5. Pucker your lips, exhale through your lips and exhale slowly for 6 seconds, and feel like your stomach is falling down
  6. Do it this way from 1 to 5 for 15 minutes
  7. Performing slow deep breathing technique is done twice a day, namely in the morning and evening

Those are some of the benefits of doing slow deep breathing techniques for your health that you need to know. There is nothing wrong if you do this method, because I have also explained clearly how to do slow deep breathing so that you don't mistakenly do this technique. Regards