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9 Benefits of Fried Corn for Health that are Rarely Known

Eating food should be done in the morning, afternoon and evening or at night. Because the human body requires carbohydrate intake in the food you consume. Some staple foods that contain carbohydrates include rice, corn, wheat etc.

Because corn itself has 2 types, namely sweet corn and ordinary corn. Basically sweet corn is often processed as various types of food processing, be it for side dishes or other processed dishes. But it is different from the usual types of corn which are usually used as fodder for livestock such as chickens, birds and even human staple food.

However, at this time corn is not widely consumed as a staple food, but many consume it in various types of food such as Pop Corn, Fried Corn or even made as a corn salad mixed with milk.

Uniquely, currently there is one snack that comes from corn, namely fried corn. In addition to having a delicious and savory taste, there are advantages for those of you who like to enjoy fried corn, because these foods have good benefits for health.

9 Benefits of Fried Corn for Health that are Rarely Known

Benefits of Fried Corn for Health

For those of you who like to consume fried corn, you will definitely be curious about the benefits, and on this occasion I will explain some of the benefits of eating fried corn for health.

1. Maintain Digestive System Health
Corn does contain high enough fiber so it is very good for maintaining a healthy digestive system and facilitating the digestive process. So for those of you who have health problems in these organs, consuming corn can be an alternative.

Because health problems can interfere with these organs such as constipation problems, difficulty in carrying out the digestive process, etc. Some health experts say that consuming 1 serving of sweet corn is sufficient for your daily fiber needs.

2. Increase Bone Strength
Having strong bones is everyone's dream, because if someone takes care of their bones from a young age, it will certainly reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis itself is a disease caused by bone loss, usually this disease attacks someone who is 55 years old and over.

Corn itself contains several nutrients that are very good for maintaining bone health such as magnesium, manganese, iron, copper and phosphorus. All of these ingredients are very good for maintaining bone strength.

3. Maintain Skin Health
Skin is one of the human senses that is often exposed to sunlight, pollution and dust. Such conditions sometimes make the skin become damaged and can even cause premature aging caused by free radicals.

In the content of roasted corn there is a very high source of antioxidants so it is very good for maintaining healthy skin to look younger and of course it can prevent the skin from exposure to free radicals.

4. Prevents Anemia
Anemia is a type of disease caused by a lack of red blood cells in the body. Such conditions can certainly cause a person who suffers from it to become easily tired, dizzy and cause loss of consciousness.

Fried corn itself contains several nutrients needed for people with anemia. Some of the content in corn such as Folic Acid, Iron and Vitamin B12 are very important for people with this disease.

5. Maintain Heart Health
The heart is one of the organs that has an important role for the body, because if the organ has problems it can cause other problems. Therefore, if you want your heart to be healthy, it is highly recommended to consume fried corn.

Why is that? Because fried corn contains Vitamin C, Carotenoids to Bioflavoids which can control cholesterol to remain stable and keep blood pressure in a normal state. Because both are the main causes of heart disease.

6. Maintain Eye Health
Maybe many people think that fried corn has a very high Vitamin A content. Therefore, consuming fried corn with normal portions can maintain eye health.

In addition, roasted corn contains carotenoids which can reduce the risk of eye health problems in people aged 50 years and over. Zexanthin pigments participate in maintaining eye health from macular regeneration.

7. Increases Endurance
The immune system is very important for humans, because the body's resistance is a shield that will protect the body from various types of diseases. So people who have a low immune system will be very susceptible to disease. Fried corn contains protein and vitamin C which is quite high, so it is very good for increasing endurance.

8. Prevent Cancer
Cancer is a very dangerous disease, because if it is not treated properly and immediately it can cause death for the sufferer. Corn contains a lot of antioxidants so that it can kill several types of cancer cells in the body such as breast cancer and liver cancer.

In addition to its ability to kill cancer cells, it does not affect healthy cells in the body. In addition there is a chemical in fried corn called Cryptoxanthin which is able to turn into Vitamin A which is very good for guarding against lung cancer etc.

9. Improve Memory
Having a strong memory is one of the advantages for everyone. Because that way someone will not easily forget about various things. This condition is very good for children who are in a period of growth, because with a strong memory it will accelerate remembering important lessons.

In addition, fried corn also contains Vitamin B1 and Thiamine which have benefits for improving memory skills and reducing some problems related to memory diseases such as Alzheimer's disease.

Those are some of the benefits of fried corn for health, although they are considered trivial, the benefits provided are also very important. However, it should be noted that you must maintain portions when eating fried corn, because fried foods if consumed too much can cause high cholesterol. Regards