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8 Important Benefits of Greater Galangal Root for Body Health

Maintaining a healthy body is an activity that lately is quite a concern for most people. Because there are several factors that make health problems decrease. To have a healthy body both physically and mentally, of course it must be balanced with some positive activities such as exercising.

If you find it difficult to do sports because your time is very tight, you can start by doing light exercise such as walking, jogging, climbing stairs, etc. Although it does not take a long time, but if done regularly it can certainly have a positive impact on your health.

In addition, you also need to consume foods or drinks that contain nutrients and vitamins that are certainly needed for your body. But if you have done that, but some health problems still bother you, of course, it can be overcome with traditional medicines which are known to have no side effects if consumed in the long term.

Traditional medicine is believed by most people who live in the village. Because a study says that traditional medicine does have important benefits for health, one of which is greater galangal.

Benefits of Greater Galangal for Health

Greater galangal itself is one of the kitchen spices that is often used for various types of processed dishes. Because it has a very fragrant aroma and gives the image a very delicious taste. However, it turns out that there are benefits behind it all, especially for health. Here are some of the health benefits of greater galangal that not many people know about.

1. Treating Cough
Greater galangal is a tuber that is very popular for enhancing the taste and aroma of cooking, in the middle it is able to relieve coughs. Because white laos has a hot taste so it can soothe the throat with some of the substances in it.

An expectorant is one of the substances contained in galangal that can relieve coughing. For how to treat cough using galangal, it is quite easy, namely by boiling the cleaned greater galangal and then drinking the boiled water regularly until the cough heals.

2. Treating Sore Throat
Most people have experienced a sore throat, and this condition is usually accompanied by a hoarse voice. This condition is very uncomfortable if left alone, so it needs immediate treatment.

Besides being able to relieve coughs, it turns out that greater galangal can also be used to treat a very annoying sore throat. For the treatment method, you can cut the clean laos into several parts, then boil it and drink the boiled water regularly until the sore throat is completely healed.

3. Treating Diarrhea
Diarrhea is one type of disease that can occur in the digestive system. If someone has this disease, of course, they can feel pain which is certainly very uncomfortable so that someone has difficulty sleeping.

This disease usually occurs because the person consumes dirty food or other factors. Greater galangal has anti-microbial properties that can treat diarrhea. In addition, greater galangal also contains Vitamin C which also plays an important role in overcoming diarrhea.

4. Prevents Tumors and Cancer
Tumors and cancer are both types of disease that are very dangerous, because if not prevented or treated immediately it can cause death. Both types of disease occur due to the impact of free radicals and carcinogenic substances that are consumed carelessly.

Although it is only often considered as a cooking spice, who would have thought that greater galangal is a kitchen spice that can prevent tumors and cancer. Because of the antioxidant content in greater galangal which protects the human body from exposure to free radicals that cause cancer.

5. Relieve Asthma
Asthma is a disease that occurs in a person's lungs, until now there is still no cure for the disease. In addition, this disease can recur at any time if people who have a history of the disease are careless in maintaining their health.

Greater galangal has an important content that is able to relieve asthma symptoms that often recur. Anti-Spamodic content is an active ingredient that is able to eliminate phlegm and widen the bronchioles so that it can relieve conditions when acid reflux disease recurs.

6. Treat Burns
When someone is exposed to fire or electricity, it will certainly cause burns on the skin. When this condition occurs, the person will experience skin changes and feel a strong heat.

Greater galangal is believed to be able to prevent and treat burns on the skin. For the treatment method, it is very simple, namely by smoothing the clean laos until it is completely smooth, then placing it on the skin experiencing the condition until it is completely healed.

7. Treating Scalp Problems
Health problems on the head can not only occur on the outside, but can also attack the outside of the head, namely the skin. Some health problems on the scalp often occur due to several factors.

Health problems on the scalp such as dandruff, infections or other problems can be treated by using greater galangal. For how to treat it, you can apply it directly to the scalp or you can also smooth it first. In addition, you can also add olive oil to the greater galangal that is already smooth.

8. Lowers Cholesterol Levels
High cholesterol content can certainly cause quite serious health problems, so it must be addressed properly so as not to cause several other health problems.

Cholesterol itself is divided into 2, namely bad fats and good fats. Greater galangal turns out to be able to reduce levels of bad fats which are the cause of someone getting cholesterol disease. Because if bad fats are not treated, they can inhibit the synthesis process or the formation of fat in the body.

Those are some explanations about the benefits of greater galangal for health. But please note that while still paying attention to the portion when you are going to do traditional medicine using greater galangal, it would be nice to consult a doctor first to get good advice. Regards