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✓ Hand Swinging Movement, Simple Exercise But Many Benefits For Health

Gymnastics is one type of sport that has recently been in great demand by women. Because by doing these activities will have a positive impact on health which is of course very easy to do. In addition, doing this type of exercise can also have a happy effect, because it can be done to the accompaniment of the song you like. As you know that every gymnastics movement is almost the same, one of which is the movement of swinging hands.

✓ Hand Swinging Movement, Simple Exercise But Many Benefits For Health

Benefits of Swinging Hands

Although this movement is very simple, it has tremendous benefits on the moving part. And here are some of the benefits that I can explain about the swinging hand movement.

1. Train Your Arm Muscles
The first benefit of doing the swinging motion is to train the muscle strength in the arm. Why did it happen? Because most people don't care about arm muscles, so when they use their arms to do activities they will easily feel tired. So that by doing a swinging motion, it turns out to be able to optimize the potential of muscle strength so that it can keep muscle strength stable.

2. Exercise Arm Muscle Endurance
In addition to being able to train the inattentive muscles as I just mentioned in the previous point, it turns out that there are other benefits of doing hand swinging movements, namely training arm muscle endurance. Because having strong muscles is not enough, so you need to increase their endurance so that they can be used for other activities.

3. Maintain Arm Muscle Health
As you know, swinging your arms by turning them forward and backward can maintain the health of the shoulder muscles, because the muscles in that section are very susceptible to injury.

Avoiding injury, especially the shoulder is your job, especially if you often do activities such as work or exercise that often use the shoulder muscles. You can do this to prevent injury to the muscles in the shoulder.

4. Overcoming Aches in the Back
Having a sore back problem has several factors such as being too tired to work, stressed thoughts, and lack of drinking water. So that conditions like that can certainly come at any time so that it makes you feel uncomfortable. Try to do swinging movements regularly, because doing so is believed to be able to overcome the problem of backaches.

5. Promotes Blood Circulation
Having a smooth circulatory system will certainly make it easier for the body to get the intake nutrients and oxygen carried by the blood. To get these benefits, you can also do swinging movements regularly. Because doing so also has a positive impact on heart performance.

6. Launch the Respiratory System
For those of you who don't know it, when you swing your arms you need to inhale and exhale regularly. If you don't know it, the process is tantamount to training the respiratory system to work regularly.

7. Increases Cardiac Endurance
As you know that the heart is the most important internal organ to maintain health and endurance. So that health problems that can occur in these organs can not attack easily.

As I explained earlier, the benefits of swinging your arms can increase heart resistance. So that indirectly you have prevented several diseases caused by the heart such as coronary heart disease to stroke.

8. Easy Ways to Burn Fat
Most people often complain of gaining weight, even though they have tried their best to maintain a healthy diet. But actually, the problem is not because of the diet, but the lack of exercise.

Even though it is considered trivial, doing regular exercise such as swinging hands is very effective in burning fat significantly. To do so is very easy and can be done anytime and anywhere.

9. Maintain the Body's Immune System
As you know that when the metabolic system functions normally starting from the respiratory system, blood circulation, and heart performance, these conditions will make the immune system work optimally.

Because doing simple movements that are done regularly it can increase endurance to the maximum. So there is nothing wrong if you make a swinging motion.

10. Easy Ways to Do Sports
As I explained in the previous point that many people think that doing sports must have a special time and a special place. In fact, by doing simple sports such as swinging your hands, you can do it anytime and anywhere.

So try to start from now on doing regular exercise. It doesn't matter what type of exercise you do, because when you do it correctly and regularly, you will get satisfactory results.

How to Do the Right Hand Swinging Movement

After you know some of the benefits of swinging hands, then you must be curious about how to do these activities correctly. Take it easy, because I will explain several ways, see the following explanation.

  • First, choose a location that you think is comfortable and doesn't interfere with your activities. But keep in mind that a good location is required in an open place and without using footwear.
  • Second, you have to stand straight with your legs open in line with your shoulders, so that when you move your body remains balanced.
  • Third, start to swing your arms backward with your palms facing forward.
  • Fourth, make sure the muscles that are rotated are the shoulder muscles, not the elbow muscles to get maximum results.
  • Fifth, you can add the speed of play as you like to get a calm atmosphere.
  • Sixth, do this method regularly with a duration of 10-15 minutes to get maximum results.

Those are some of the benefits of swing arm movement and how to do it. How? Easy isn't it? If so, you can do it every day, because this easy way is not an excuse to be lazy to do sports, good luck. Regards