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7 Benefits of Medium Distance Running, a Relaxing Exercise and Can Be Done Anytime

A fresh body is a condition that everyone needs in order to carry out activities properly. To get a fresh body you need to do some activities that have a good impact on health, for example, doing sports.

But nowadays many do not want to do sports activities on a regular basis with the excuse of being lazy to do it. In fact, by doing sports you can get a healthy and fresh body. The sport itself actually has various types, but on this occasion I would suggest doing a medium-distance running sport.

7 Benefits of Medium Distance Running, a Relaxing Exercise and Can Be Done Anytime

Health Benefits of Medium Distance Running

In general, there are various types of running sports such as short distance running, middle distance running, long distance running, relay running and running with obstacles. But did you know that middle-distance running has several benefits, here are some explanations.

1. Maintain Body Health
As you know that running is a type of sport that does not require special equipment, and you can do it anytime. So today many choose to do this type of exercise as an alternative to a healthy lifestyle.

One of the variants of the type of running that I described is a medium-distance run with a distance that must be covered between 800 meters to 3000 meters. One of the benefits of doing medium-distance running is to maintain a healthy body.

2. Train the Respiratory System
Running is one type of sport that is often used as a competition event. So that everyone who runs a middle-distance race is called an athlete. However, middle-distance running has now been done by several people. Because according to them this sport is able to train the function of the respiratory system.

Why is that? Because when you do a fairly long run and do it regularly, it will certainly require good breath regulation, so that is why middle-distance running is able to train the respiratory system.

3. Increase Stamina
As you know that a distance of 800 meters to 3000 meters is not a close distance so when you are going to do this sport you must need strong stamina. Therefore, when you are going to do this sport, of course, the stamina must be maintained properly so that running can be done consistently.

By doing stamina training consistently you indirectly have a much better stamina condition. So with good stamina, it will indirectly have a positive impact on your body.

4. Prevent Mind Stress
The most important benefit for the health of the body from doing medium-distance running is being able to prevent thoughts of stress and depression. Because a human may be able to experience this condition due to a lot of work or family problems.

So some people prefer to do middle-distance running in order to be able to prevent this condition. Because doing this exercise can have a positive impact on the brain and refresh the body so that the burden of the mind becomes lighter.

5. Promotes Blood Circulation
As you know that doing middle-distance running is very tiring, especially if you have just tried it. But if you are just trying it you need to pay attention to the distance you travel, you have to finish according to your ability.

Once you can do that you can increase the level by adding the distance little by little. That way it will have a positive impact, namely promoting optimal blood circulation. Normally the circulatory system will have a positive impact on the body.

6. Lose Weight
Some people may be overweight, so various ways are done to lose weight. Whether it's maintaining a diet and doing sports such as middle-distance running.

But there are certain times to get these benefits, to get perfect results you can do a medium distance run in the afternoon, because at that time it is very suitable for losing weight.

7. Gives Calm Effect
Running is one of the activities that can be a means of entertaining yourself. Because indeed doing this exercise is able to give the effect in the form of a calm mind.

So that many people often do running sports on holidays or on weekends. So you can try to do middle-distance running to fill the morning on your day off.

Those are some of the benefits of doing medium-distance running for body health, but it should be noted when you are going to do sports try to warm up first, so as not to experience muscle cramps. Hopefully this article can be useful for you and can add new insights. Regards