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7 Benefits of Plank For Arms And Health Of Other Body Parts

One of the best ways to shape your body ideally and certainly has a positive impact on health is by doing regular exercise. One type of sport that is most in demand by most people is gymnastics with various types of exercises.

One type of exercise that is easiest to do but has a positive impact on health, especially on the arms is called Plank. For those of you who don't know, plank is a type of exercise that is done by resting on one side of the body.

7 Benefits of Plank For Arms And Health Of Other Body Parts

Benefits of Plank For Arms And Body Shape

Basically doing planks actually has benefits for the body and some specific body parts such as the arms. For those of you who want to do planks, you should understand the following benefits.

1. Shrink Upper Arm
When you do a diet program sometimes the upper arm will still be large, even though you have done various ways. Actually to shrink the upper arm you need to do planks regularly.

Although most women don't want to do it because it's too hard to do. In fact, doing a plank will remove the fat that has accumulated in that section. So it will make your body shape more ideal.

2. Tighten Arm Muscles
When you do a plank exercise, the load is mostly on the arms. With the most weight on the arm, of course it can increase and tighten the muscles in the arm.

With the tightness of the arm, it will certainly have a positive impact such as the formation of the arm to be more ideal, proportional, and look more sexy for women. Doing planks does look simple, but the results provided are extraordinary.

3. Make Arms Stronger
Basically the arm is a part of the body that must have more strength so that it can be used to carry out activities such as lifting objects, moving objects, etc. Therefore you should train your arms regularly to increase arm strength.

One type of exercise that can be done anytime and anywhere is plank. Because doing it regularly will have a positive impact on the arm, one of which is increasing the strength of the arm.

Other Plank Benefits You Need to Know

Although doing planks regularly has a lot of positive effects on the arms, but keep in mind that there are several other important benefits that you need to know.

4. Tighten Abdominal Muscles
Although when you do a plank, the weight and focus will be on the arm or palm, the abdominal muscles will also get a large portion of the type of exercise called the plank.

By doing plank exercises regularly, you will certainly get results such as tightening the abdominal muscles. In addition, the stomach will look flatter and slimmer when you often do planks. Because doing planks regularly has the same positive impact as doing sit ups regularly.

5. Increase Body Metabolism
Another benefit that you need to know when doing planks regularly is to increase the body's metabolic system. Although there is no movement when you do a plank, it will burn calories significantly.

As you know that doing planks not only helps maintain healthy arms, but can also directly increase the body's metabolic system. Because then you have created a healthy lifestyle.

6. Improve Body Balance
When you do a plank, you will indirectly maintain the balance of the body so that it does not fall easily. By doing these activities regularly, of course, is the same as training to create a better body balance condition.

Of course you can feel the effect of the balance even if you are standing using only one leg. In addition, other benefits can also make the body shape more flexible. Therefore, if you want to get a more flexible body shape, you can certainly do plank movements with various variations such as side planks.

7. Prevent Back Disease
Although doing planks is very good for the arms, it turns out that another benefit that you can get when doing this exercise is to prevent back disease. If a person suffers from back pain, it occurs due to a lack of pressure on the spine and hips.

By doing planks regularly with a duration of 5-15 minutes a day can prevent you from the risk of back pain and make your posture better. In addition, doing planks is also able to overcome stressful thoughts.

Those are some of the benefits of doing planks regularly, the positive impact is not only on the arms, but several other body parts also get important benefits. Try to do a plank type of exercise, because I personally think this is a simple activity that needs to be done regularly. Regards