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7 Benefits of Snakehead Murrel Fish for Kidney Disease and Hemodialysis Patients

Snakehead murrel fish is one type of freshwater fish that is very well known, besides the price of this fish is quite expensive compared to the price of other freshwater fish. This is because of the many benefits that can be obtained when you eat snakehead murrel fish, because according to health experts say that snakehead murrel fish contains albumin which is useful for wound healing.

So do not be surprised if most people who have just had medical procedures such as surgery will tend to consume snakehead murrel fish in order to speed up wound healing. In addition, consuming snakehead murrel fish is also very good for people with kidney disease, because according to health experts, consuming snakehead murrel fish is also very good for maintaining kidney health.

7 Benefits of Snakehead Murrel Fish for Kidney Disease and Hemodialysis Patients

Know About Kidney Disease

Kidney disease is a condition where there are health problems in this organ. The kidney itself is an organ in the body that functions as a blood filter from various food or beverage wastes eaten by humans. In addition, another function of the kidneys is to balance salt, mineral, and acid levels in the body.

The kidney is one of the organs that has an important role in the body such as producing the hormone Erythroprotein which contributes to producing red blood cells and the enzyme renin which is in charge of regulating blood pressure to keep it in a normal state. So when the kidneys are not in a healthy condition, it is certain that several health problems will occur.

Benefits of Snakehead Murrel Fish for Kidney Health

To have healthy kidneys, you don't bother consuming any food, just consume snakehead murrel fish regularly so that you can get the benefits, and here is the explanation.

1. Able to Increase Albumin Levels
The first benefit of consuming snakehead murrel fish is its ability to increase albumin levels in the blood. And maybe it's no longer a secret that snakehead murrel fish is one type of fish that contains a lot of albumin.

As you know that most people only know that albumin itself is only useful for healing wounds. Even though there are other functions, such as patients with kidney disease, diabetes, tuberculosis, cancer and stroke patients, there are several diseases that have symptoms of a lack of albumin in the blood.

2. Increases Osmotic Pressure
In general, if someone who has albumin levels in the blood decreases, automatically the osmotic pressure will also decrease. So that most people with diabetes, tuberculosis, cancer and stroke will be given infusions containing albumin in order to increase the osmotic pressure.

Maybe you are now wondering, what happens if a person with kidney disease experiences a decrease in osmotic pressure? The answer is that there will be swelling in certain parts of the body, but mostly it occurs in the legs.

3. Overcoming Edema
When the kidneys cannot function properly, it can cause problems with edema. Such conditions can occur due to problems such as albumin deficiency. Therefore, consuming albumin is very important in order to increase the osmotic pressure. So consuming snakehead murrel fish on a regular basis can be a solution.

4. Contains High Amino Acids
Snakehead murrel fish has a high amino acid content, although the role of the content does not play a direct role, but the function of the amino acid itself is useful for repairing damaged body cells.

So that indirectly the amino acids found in snakehead murrel fish function as a strengthening of the body's immune system so that they are not susceptible to disease. Therefore, it is highly recommended to consume snakehead murrel fish regularly.

5. Good Nutritional Content for Hemodialysis Patients
For those of you who don't know Hemodialysis, it is a prevention against kidney failure. In certain countries, this condition is carried out by routine dialysis, but doing such activities on a regular basis can cause hemodialysis sufferers to experience nutritional deficiencies.

That's why the role of consuming snakehead murrel fish on a regular basis is very necessary, because there are lots of very good nutritional content for hemodialysis patients who need high nutritional intake.

6. Prevent Complications
Complications are one of the conditions where there are many diseases suffered by a person. One of the problems that can be caused by decreased kidney performance is the problem of complications.

Such conditions are very dangerous if not treated properly and quickly. Therefore, to prevent complications, you need to consume snakehead murrel fish which contains very good protein and amino acids to prevent complications.

7. Contains High Protein
As you know that protein is very important for the health of the body. The protein itself is divided into 2, namely vegetable protein and animal protein, and the snakehead murrel fish itself has a very high animal protein content.

According to health experts, the protein content of snakehead murrel fish is much higher than that of eggs and meat, so it is highly recommended for people with kidney disease who frequently do dialysis.

Those are some of the benefits of snakehead murrel fish for kidney disease and hemodialysis sufferers. For those of you who don't know, hopefully this article can add to your insight. Regards