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9 Benefits of Winter for Human Life

Winter is one of the 4 seasons that only exists in the Americas and Europe. Because apart from the continent, most of them only have 2 seasons, namely summer and rainy season. Even most people who are curious about the snow season, are willing to spend quite a lot of money to go to countries that get snow.

But some people choose to laze around when the winter comes, such as having a thick blanket, sleeping all day, and not enjoying the very cold morning air. If you know the benefits of winter for human life, surely you will be happy when this winter comes.

9 Benefits of Winter for Human Life

Benefits of Winter Season for Life

For those of you who are already curious about what are the benefits of the winter season, then on this occasion, I will answer all your curiosity.

1. Burn More Calories
If you don't know that our body consists of white fat which is a source of energy reserves and brown fat which is in charge of burning calories that can produce heat. As you know that walking on snow is very difficult and you will need a lot of energy needed.

When you get to the destination, your feet will feel tired so you will sweat a lot even though you are wearing thick clothes. That's the kind of body condition that you can only get when the snow season comes.

Because the heart will beat faster than usual, besides this condition will make your body much fresher than going to the gym. Just do it this way so you get the benefits of winter.

2. Sleep will be much more restful
As you know, more than half of Americans complain of a lack of sleep at night. With the arrival of winter, you can use it to catch up on your lost sleep.

Because the temperature in the winter will be much colder so it can increase the activity of sleeping to be more comfortable. Why is that? Because you can light a fire and be covered with thick material so that the comfort when sleeping will increase.

3. Reducing the Risk of Disease
As you know that mosquitoes will freeze during the winter season, so you can imagine how comfortable it is to sleep without having to be disturbed by mosquitoes and insects that cause health problems.

Then where did the insects and mosquitoes go? They will choose to go to a place that has a temperature below 50 Fahrenheit. Insects such as mosquitoes and culex will choose to go into hibernation rather than freezing in freezing temperatures.

4. Mind Will Be Clearer
The content of glucose in the body will play an active role in the winter. Why is that? Because at that time glucose will help mental agility and regulate the body's internal temperature. So that at warm or cold temperatures, glucose will automatically change the body's settings.

Because in the summer the body will work harder so it requires a lot of glucose. Because glucose greatly affects a person's mentality, forcing it will hurt the health of the body. So that when it's winter you can get a clear mind because you don't need a lot of glucose intake.

5. Reduces the Risk of Muscle Inflammation
One study by health experts published in his work entitled The Atlantic, The National Institute Of Sport, Expertise, And Performance conducted in Paris tested a seasonal runner who was experiencing muscle problems within 3 weeks.

There are 3 types of therapy, namely Cryotherapy which is carried out using a temperature of minus 166 degrees Fahrenheit, infrared therapy, and the usual resting method. And the results given are also very surprising, that using the Cryotherapy method of therapy provides faster healing than other types of therapy methods.

6. Maintain Youthful skin
When cold temperatures touch your skin, it will act as an astringent which is useful for constricting skin pores, reducing blockages in skin pores, and reducing the risk of breakouts.

In addition, winter also plays a role in preventing the production of sebum which is useful for helping the skin stay shiny, reducing acne on the face, slowing down premature aging, and making your skin look younger.

7. Reduces Pollen Allergies
Some people do have a history of allergies to pollen, if it happens it can cause the person to experience an itchy nose, runny nose, flu, itchy eyes, etc. If winter comes, consider it as good news for you.

Why is that? Because when the snow season comes, there will be no pollen so it will be easier for you to do outdoor activities. However, if you have an allergy to cold temperatures, you should stay in a warm room so as not to aggravate your health condition.

8. Able to Fight Infection
Everyone certainly needs protection against viruses and bacteria that can threaten the health of the body by increasing a strong immune system. Maybe when the winter comes you will experience flu and colds, but uniquely you will avoid various types of infectious infections. Because at that time the immune system in the body will develop high enough to reduce the risk of a person exposed to infection.

9. Increase the Happiness
When winter comes it will stimulate the human Parasympathetic System. The sympathetic is the body's effort to carry out a resistance response, but for the Parasympathetic System, it is the body's effort to relax and renew.

So that endorphins will release dopamine and serotonin which are types of neurotransmitters that make a person feel happy and reduce the risk of depression. That is why when winter comes it will make a person feel happier than usual.

Those are some of the benefits that you can get when the snow season arrives, so that when these conditions occur it is no longer an excuse to be lazy or not do any activities. In addition, you can also do various types of activities that can maintain a healthy body. Hopefully, this article can add insight and provide new inspiration for you. Regards