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3 Benefits of Coriander for Ulcers, As a Natural Traditional Medicine

There are many types of problems that occur in the digestive system, so this condition can be felt by every individual. These problems can be overcome by treating them with medical methods or by means of herbs so as to restore the condition of the problematic digestive system.

Among several types of problems that occur in the digestive organs, especially in the stomach, ulcer disease can be experienced by every human being, both young and old. Please note that ulcer disease also often recurs if not prevented properly.

So do not be surprised if various types of efforts are made so that ulcer disease does not recur. One of the prevention that has been done by some people is to regulate their diet and ensure that the body is in a healthy condition.

In addition to doing these two ways, it turns out that there are other ways to prevent and treat ulcer disease, namely by consuming traditional medicines such as coriander. For more details, you can read the following explanations.

3 Benefits of Coriander for Ulcers, As a Natural Traditional Medicine

What Is Coriander?

Before I explain some of the benefits of coriander for ulcer disease, many are wondering what coriander is. Coriander is a spice that has the Latin name Coriandrum Sativum.

This coriander has a round shape resembling a peppercorn with a diameter of 1 to 2 millimeters. You can get coriander in traditional markets which can be in the form of seeds or fine powder.

Initially this coriander can only be found on the European continent, but with the development of the trade center it became widespread to the Americas and the Asian continent. As you know that coriander is a kitchen spice that can make dishes have a strong and delicious aroma.

In addition to coriander seeds, it turns out that in Thailand the leaves of this coriander plant are often used as a sprinkling in various types of Thai cuisine, both in the form of soups and salads.

Coriander plants basically can be used all of its parts, starting from the leaves and seeds. Because until now there are many processed dishes that often use coriander as a processed dish from the Continents of Europe, America and Asia.

Benefits Of Coriander For Ulcer Disease

As I explained in several previous points that coriander is a cooking spice that can make processed foods have a delicious aroma. But keep in mind that coriander has several important benefits for ulcer disease, and here are some explanations.

1. Smooth Digestion
The first benefit of coriander for ulcers is its ability to facilitate digestion. Smooth digestion can overcome ulcer conditions that occur in the stomach, why does this happen? Because coriander contains antioxidants that are able to help bowel movements and help to produce enzymes.

2. Overcome Bloated Stomach
One of the main causes of ulcer disease is flatulence, so that by overcoming flatulence it turns out that you are indirectly able to overcome ulcer disease. Flatulence can occur due to the amount of gas caused by high stomach acid in the stomach. By consuming traditional medicine in the form of coriander turns out to be very effective to overcome flatulence and ulcers.

3. Able to Overcome Infections
One of the benefits that can be obtained when consuming coriander is its ability to overcome infections that can occur in the stomach. Because infections in the stomach can occur due to ulcer disease that is not treated properly and quickly.

So that infection in the stomach can occur due to the presence of bacteria called Helobacter Pylori. Coriander contains anti-bacterial so it is very effective in killing bad bacteria in the stomach that cause infection.

How To Use Coriander For Ulcers

To be able to help overcome ulcer disease that can occur in the stomach, of course, it can be overcome by consuming coriander, but please note that there is a special way to do it, but there are still many of us who don't know it.

For how to use it is very simple, namely by boiling coriander seeds either in the form of powder or in the form of seeds. After that you can consume coriander seed boiled water regularly. The effect given when consuming coriander boiled water is the same as herbal drinks in general, which needs to be consistent with how to consume it regularly.

Those are some of the benefits of coriander to prevent and overcome ulcer disease that often occurs in parents and children. Hopefully with this article can add to your insight to overcome ulcer disease that is very uncomfortable. Regards