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✓ 13 Benefits of Pilates for Health

✓ 13 Manfaat Olahraga Pilates Bagi Kesehatan

Benefits of Pilates for Health -  Pilates is one type of exercise that is very popular in the 20th century. The sport was developed by someone named Joseph Pilates. At first this sport was a type of sport that was quite popular at first, but as time went on its popularity decreased.

However, in recent years, pilates has become increasingly popular. In addition, some sports venues are also re-popularizing the sport with great coaches.

Pilates itself also actually requires some special tools that you can use to perform these activities. But don't worry, you can also do Pilates with some objects around you such as tables, chairs, etc.

Benefits of Pilates for Health

Some people who have done Pilates are certainly very curious, about what are the benefits that can be obtained when finished doing the exercise. And here are some of the benefits that you can get when doing this sport.

1. Improve Concentration

When you do Pilates, the main key is concentration, because when you do it, it doesn't just move your hands and feet. However, there are some special methods that you must learn first before doing Pilates.

So if you have never done this sport, it is highly recommended to read some trusted references. Because the main key to doing Pilates itself is strong concentration.

2. Controls Back Muscles

Pilates is a type of exercise that can control the back muscles. This condition causes your back muscles to relax and avoids you from tension that causes fatigue.

Pilates is certainly very suitable for those of you who work in the office all day. Because doing relaxation on the body is needed in order to prevent the risk of tension.

3. Strengthen Abdominal Muscles

Do you have a distended stomach? If so, then Pilates is the best advice for you. Because Pilates exercise itself is very effective for increasing the strength of your abdominal muscles to be strong. In addition, women who have a flat stomach will look very special even though they use various types of clothes.

4. Relieve Stress

Thoughts of stress can indeed happen to anyone, be it because of work, family and even with friends. The best way to deal with stress is to do light exercise like Pilates.

By doing Pilates exercise it can make the tension in your brain become very relaxed. That is why the sport has become popular again, because simple exercise can overcome stress.

5. Increase Mental Strength

In contrast to other types of exercise in general, Pilates is very good for some people who are experiencing life problems. That's because Pilates can increase endorphins in the body.

This hormone is very good for increasing your sense of happiness. That is the reason why Pilates is able to increase mental strength in a person.

6. Exercise For Diet

For those of you who are experiencing excessive weight problems, besides you have to consume nutritious foods such as vegetables and fruit. Of course you have to do regular exercise like Pilates.

Because Pilates exercise itself if done regularly and correctly it will lower cholesterol levels properly. So that way the weight will decrease slowly but surely.

7. Increase Flexibility

Pilates is not very well known in certain countries such as Indonesia. However, in some countries that favor dance, Pilates is a very popular sport.

No one thought that this Pilates exercise was very good for increasing body flexibility. Like doing stretching and some movements that require concentration.

8. Tighten Pelvic Muscles

As you know that the pelvic muscles in women often experience looseness. Because most women are very lazy to move these body parts. So you can mark it by looking at the shape of the stomach.

If a woman's stomach is flat, her pelvic muscles will be strong. This is because the woman often does sports. This is in stark contrast to women who have distended stomachs who have loose pelvic muscles.

9. Shaping the Ideal Body

Having an ideal body shape is everyone's dream, even for those who are pursuing their careers. Pilates exercise is very good for toning your prominent body parts.

Some people who often do this Pilates exercise tend to have a very good body shape. In addition, his face also looks very light and fresh. That's because when they do Pilates, their hearts tend to be happy.

10. Can Be Done With Friends

As you know that doing sports alone is not good. But it's very different when you do sports with your best friends. Pilates can actually be done with your friends, so doing sports will be much more fun.

11. Improve Body Balance

Doing Pilates is very good for improving your body balance. The main reason someone does Pilates itself is to get toned and flat abdominal muscles. Of course it is closely related to improving one's body balance.

12. Increase Energy

When you do Pilates, of course you have to be in a very calm state. The way for the body to get calm is to slowly so that oxygen can enter the body optimally. By increasing the supply of oxygen that enters the body it can increase the amount of energy in your body.

13. Very Easy To Learn

Pilates is one type of exercise that must be done by people who are proficient in the sport. But this is not a mandatory requirement for you to do, because Pilates itself is very easy to do. You can learn to do Pilates on Youtube.

Those are some of the health benefits of Pilates that I can explain on this occasion. Hopefully with this article can add to your insight about this Pilates exercise. Regards