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✓ 7 Health Benefits of Sweet Foods That Are Often Avoided

Health Benefits of Sweet Foods - Consuming sweet foods is often avoided by most people. Though sweet foods have tremendous benefits for health, but with a note not consumed in excess. Because whatever it is if consumed in excess it still has a negative impact on health.

✓ 7 Health Benefits of Sweet Foods That Are Often Avoided

Benefits of Sweet Food for Health

For those of you who are currently feeling confused because you want to eat sweet foods but are afraid because of some of the dangers that can be caused, then you should read some of the explanations that I will write on this occasion.

1. Source of Energy for the Body

As you know that our bodies really need energy intake to be able to carry out various types of daily activities. One source of energy that is needed by the body is glucose itself.

Because glucose is one source of energy that is needed by the brain in order to regulate various types of activities carried out by the body. So that indirectly the body really needs glucose in order to supply energy for the body.

Acids and enzymes break down glucose into small pieces which are then absorbed in the intestines. Blood in the body carries glucose to all body cells to be used as energy. Insulin helps glucose reach blood cells by opening up muscle, fat and liver cells for glucose to enter.

Carbohydrates, fats and proteins are sources of glucose that are needed by the body. In addition, you can also get glucose naturally in milk, vegetables and fruits.

Some body components such as cells really need glucose, amino acids and fats to be energy for humans. So that with the energy, a person can perform various types of activities.

2. Source of Nutrients for the Brain

Glucose is an energy source that is needed by most cells in the human body. In addition, the brain itself has a very large network of cells. So that half the energy contained in the body will enter the brain cells.

So the brain really needs glucose intake as a basic material so that the brain can work optimally. Because as you know that the brain is an important organ used for thinking, memory storage and learning.

If the brain is deprived of energy from glucose, for example, neurotransmitters are not produced and communication between neurons can be damaged. Lack of glucose can also cause decreased cognitive function.

However, if a person consumes anything that contains too much glucose, it will have a negative impact on the brain and body health, such as diabetes. So it is very important to regulate the glucose that enters the body.

3. Improve Mood

As you know that a person's mood can change at any time, so action is needed if someone is having problems with his mood.

One of the most effective ways to improve a person's mood is by consuming glucose. Sweet can improve mood because it can relieve dysphoric mood because it provides more energy.

So when someone experiences this problem, it is highly recommended to consume sweet but low-fat foods such as special low-fat chocolate. Thus, a person's mood level can be significantly improved.

4. Lowering High Blood Pressure

According to research by several health experts said that some products made from chocolate were able to reduce high blood pressure or hypertension. This is because chocolate contains abundant flavonols such as epicatechin, catechin and procyanidins.

According to research published in the Nutrients Journal, the flavonol content in chocolate offers cardiometabolic protection through several mechanisms including antihypertensive, antiplatelet, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects.

5. Maintain Blood Sugar Levels

Having sugar levels that remain in a stable condition is certainly very necessary for the body. That's because if your blood sugar level is too high or too low, of course, health problems can happen to you.

By consuming as much as 3 ounces of chocolate in a day was very effective to increase insulin production in the body. Insulin resistance decreased significantly after consumption of chocolate that did not contain phytochemicals flavonoids for 15 days.

Natural sweet drinks that are able to maintain blood sugar levels such as honey are certainly needed by the health of the body. Because according to some studies say that honey is better than sugar.

In addition, honey itself also contains glucose which is much more easily absorbed by the body so that it can be converted as energy for the body. In addition, honey is also very good for heart health because it can lower blood pressure naturally.

6. Prevents Cardiovascular Disease

According to several case studies conducted by health experts, consuming moderate amounts of chocolate, about 1 to 6 servings a week, is very good for heart health, and prevents several diseases such as stroke and diabetes.

So that by consuming low-fat chocolate with a portion of 100 grams a day it can prevent a person from heart disease and diabetes. In addition to flavonols, other bioactives in chocolate, especially methylxanthines, have been shown to enhance the effects of cacao flavonols on cardiovascular function. It is also reported to have the ability to increase insulin sensitivity.

However, further studies are needed to confirm the benefits of chocolate and establish the optimal frequency of chocolate intake. This is because the portion of consumption affects the benefits and side effects of chocolate.

But keep in mind that consuming chocolate in excess can certainly cause some serious health problems such as diabetes, weight gain, hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

7. Improve One's Thinking Ability

As I explained in the previous point that glucose itself is a source of energy for the brain. So if a person lacks glucose, the brain also experiences a decrease in its performance.

So it is necessary to naturally consume glucose so that the brain's performance can work optimally. Thus, of course, the ability to think in someone will increase.

Those are some of the benefits of sweet food for health that I can write on this occasion. Hopefully this article can be useful for all of you. Regards