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✓ 22 Benefits of Red Pomegranate for Health that Not Everyone Knows

✓ 22 Benefits of Red Pomegranate for Health that Not Everyone Knows

Red pomegranate is one type of fruit that can be found in our beloved country. Because this fruit can indeed grow anywhere, be it in mountainous areas or in lowland areas.

The pomegranate itself has a Latin name called Punica Granatum, this fruit comes from Persia and South India. But over time this fruit has spread throughout the world. In addition, the pomegranate that you can find in Indonesia has 3 types, namely white pomegranate, red pomegranate and black pomegranate.

Red pomegranate is one of the most favorite types of pomegranate compared to other types. Because of some opinions from some people that I met the taste of this red pomegranate is much more delicious and refreshing compared to other types.

Red Pomegranate Content

Before I explain the benefits of red pomegranate, I will give some of the ingredients that you can get when consuming red pomegranate, namely:

  • Water as much as 85%
  • Sugar 10%
  • Pectin 1.5%
  • Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid
  • Flavonoids in the Polyphenol Group such as Anthocyanins, Catokines, Ellagic Tannis, Gallic and Ellagic Acid
  • Phytosterol

Benefits of Red Pomegranate for Health

There are so many nutritional content that you can get when you consume the fruit, so this fruit has a myriad of benefits that you can get when you consume it. Here are some of the benefits of red pomegranate for health that you can get as follows.

1. As a Refreshing Drink

As you know that 85% of the content of this red pomegranate is water, so don't be surprised if this fruit is often used as a very refreshing juice. Because most people who have just picked the fruit do not immediately consume it, but are made into a refreshing drink.

2. As Ingredients for Yogurt, Jelly, And Jam

The pectin content in this pomegranate fruit is able to bind water into a gel. So it is not surprising that many food companies use this red pomegranate as several types of food such as Yogurt, Jelly and Fruit Jam.

3. Treating Diarrhea

Diarrhea is a disease caused by bacteria, so it can cause the stomach to become very sick. To treat diarrhea naturally, you can consume red pomegranate. Because the pectin content that exists is able to bind fluids in the digestive tract and this condition is very good for dealing with diarrhea.

4. Reduce Stress

Stressful thoughts can happen to anyone, both adults and young people. That's because the mind is too tired because it is caused by a lot of work, a lot of tasks. To overcome this problem you can consume red pomegranate, because the fruit is able to increase norepinephrine levels and reduce dopamine in the blood as a stress hormone.

5. Contains Antioxidants

As you know, antioxidants are nutrients that are able to ward off free radicals which of course can cause several health problems such as cancer cell growth, premature aging and many more.

6. Prevent Cancer

Cancer is one type of disease that is very dangerous and also deadly. This condition can occur due to frequent exposure to free radicals that can grow cancer cells in the body. To prevent this you can consume red pomegranate because of its natural antioxidant content.

7. Prevents Inflammation

As you know that red pomegranate contains pectin and also flavonoids in various types. Both nutrients are very useful for preventing inflammation that can occur in your body.

8. Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Red pomegranate contains pectin which is very beneficial for your body. Besides being able to bind a liquid, it turns out that these nutrients can also bind bad cholesterol so that good cholesterol can grow in the blood. In addition, the phytosterols found in red pomegranate are also very good for lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

9. Prevents Tumor Disease

Tumor is a disease whose condition is like growing flesh that is not under control. So if left unchecked will cause big problems for health and even death. The content of flavonoids and phytosterols found in red pomegranate is very effective in preventing tumor disease.

10. Lose Weight

If you have problems with your weight, it is very effective to lose weight by consuming red pomegranate regularly. This can happen because of the Pectin content which can bind cholesterol and fiber.

11. Able to Moisturize Skin Naturally

If you have dry skin problems, of course it can happen because your skin does not get enough collagen intake. Although our bodies are able to provide collagen intake, but it is not enough. To overcome dry skin you can consume red pomegranate because it contains Vitamin C which can increase the amount of collagen.

12. Prevents Hair Loss

When you enter a beauty shop, maybe you have seen red pomegranate extract? If indeed the benefits that you can get from red pomegranate are its ability to strengthen hair, so that this condition can prevent hair loss.

13. Make Hair More Shiny

If you have dull hair, of course this condition can occur because your hair is not given adequate nutrition and is often exposed to dirty air pollution and smoke. To overcome this you can apply a red pomegranate mask on your hair regularly. It can make hair healthier and shinier.

14. Treating Acne

Acne problems can not only occur in women, but a man can also get the problem. This condition occurs because the skin is oily and the skin pores contain dirt and dust. To overcome this, you can apply a red pomegranate mask on a regular basis, it can overcome annoying acne.

15. Increase Fertility

When you are doing a pregnancy program and want to get pregnant quickly, of course you have to check your fertility condition, because it is very important. To increase fertility, both in men and women, you can consume red pomegranate regularly.

16. Maintain Body Endurance

Having a strong immune system can certainly prevent you from various types of diseases. So increasing the body's resistance is very necessary, to increase it you can consume red pomegranate regularly, because the Vitamin C in red pomegranate is very effective for increasing body resistance.

17. Preventing Allergies

If you have allergy problems such as food or pollen, of course these conditions can occur because of your weak immune system. To prevent an allergy, you can take advantage of the properties of the red pomegranate.

18. As a Natural Detox

When you are outdoors, of course, your body is accidentally entered by a virus. Especially if you don't wear a mask during a pandemic like now. Because some diseases can occur due to viruses that accidentally enter the body. To prevent this condition you can consume pomegranate regularly, because the fruit can be an Anti Virus.

19. Smooth Digestive Process

If you have problems with the digestive system such as constipation, of course this condition is very disturbing. Because this condition is caused by a lack of fiber intake, which is needed by the organ. This red pomegranate contains natural fiber, so it is very good for the digestive process.

20. Prevents Premature Aging

As I explained in the previous point that pomegranate contains antioxidants and Vitamin C. The combination of these two nutrients is very effective in preventing premature aging which can cause skin wrinkles, dark spots and more.

21. Prevents Blood Clots

Red pomegranate contains flavonoids which function as prevention of blood clots. So that indirectly these nutrients can launch the blood naturally.

22. Accelerates Wound Healing

When you experience a wound on the skin caused by a fall or being hit by a sharp object, of course it will make the blood clot in order to close the wound. This condition can be accelerated by frequently consuming Vitamin C. Pomegranate contains this vitamin which can help you to speed up wound healing or speed up dry, injured skin.

Those are some of the benefits of red pomegranate that I can explain. Hopefully for those of you who have the problem that I have described, hopefully it can be resolved with this red pomegranate.