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Elderberry, A Fruit That Has Many Benefits And Ingredients

Elderberry, A Fruit That Has Many Benefits And Ingredients

Elderberry is one type of fruit that has a very small shape compared to other types of fruit in general. In addition, this elderberry fruit has a red color but is quite dark, this is due to the high anthocyanin content in the fruit.

In addition, in developed countries such as the United States (US) and Japan, it has been used as a natural dye. Elderberry fruit also has a Latin name as Sambucus.

Elderberry fruit content

Although elderberry fruit is small and most people only know it as a natural colorant in food, it turns out that the content in this fruit is very much.

The content consists of several vitamins and minerals such as Viamine A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C. As for some other ingredients such as Flavonoids, Tannins, Phosphorus, Calcium, Potassium, Viburnic Acid, Carotenoids, Amino Acids and of course all of them are Antioxidants.

With such a large amount of content, it is undeniable that elderberry fruit is often used as various types of natural remedies in various continents such as Europe, North America, West Asia and North Africa.

Elderberry Fruit Benefits For Health

On several continents I have mentioned that elderberry fruit is also very good for treating several diseases such as Diabetes and Cancer. However, there are several other benefits that you can know as follows.

1. Cure the Flu

Influenza is not a dangerous disease, but this disease can make a person very disturbed when doing activities. That's why you can consume elderberry fruit, because the fruit contains Sambucus Agglutinis Nigra (SNA) which can protect cells in the body from infections that occur due to flu.

The flavonoid content in elderberry is also believed to be able to eradicate the influenza virus in the body in a fairly short time, namely 24 to 48 hours. In addition, this fruit can also be consumed by children, so the quality is guaranteed.

2. Prevent Cancer

Cancer is a disease that is very dangerous and can cause a person to lose his life. The disease can occur due to several factors that sometimes we ourselves are not aware of, one of which is smoking.

The antioxidants and flavonoids in elderberry fruit are very good for maintaining the health of the cells in the human body. So that by consuming it regularly can prevent the spread of cancer cells in the body.

3. High in Vitamin C

Who doesn't like eating citrus fruits that contain Vitamin C? If you are one of them, you can consume elderberry fruit as another alternative. Due to the high content of Vitamin C, it is very helpful to speed up healing in a person.

4. Helps Control Blood Sugar

If someone has a history of diabetes, of course it is very necessary to avoid foods that are too sweet or contain sugar. This can cause diabetes to recur. So you need to consume elderberry fruit, although at this time there is still no strong enough evidence, but you can consult your doctor first to get the appropriate portion.

5. Maintain Eye Health

Having healthy eyes is a must for everyone, that's why consuming foods that contain Vitamin A is very necessary such as elderberries. So for those of you who want to have healthy eyes, it never hurts to consume elderberry fruit regularly, of course, not with excessive portions.

6. Maintain Digestive Health
Although elderberry fruit is rarely known, it turns out that the fruit can overcome several digestive problems such as constipation and diarrhea. This is because elderberry fruit is able to strengthen and form prebiotics and probiotics in the digestive tract, so that problems in the digestive tract can be overcome naturally.

7. Lowers Inflammation

When a person experiences inflammation such as in the throat or in other body parts, of course, they must consume foods that contain anti-inflammatory. In elderberry fruit turns out to have these ingredients, so it can reduce inflammation naturally.

8. Lowers Stress

Elderberry fruit can indeed control blood sugar, so this condition can balance cortisol or stress hormones. because stress can happen to anyone and at any age.

9. Maintain Skin Health

Having healthy skin is everyone's dream, especially women who are focusing on their careers. Most people take care of their skin from the outside, so they forget to take care of their skin from the inside.

That's why you need to consume fruits or vegetables that contain Vitamin C and antioxidants. For elderberry it has two of these ingredients, so the fruit is very suitable for maintaining healthy skin from the inside.

10. Maintain heart health

The heart is an organ in the body that really needs to be kept healthy. That's why you need to consume fruit that contains flavonoids in elderberry fruit, because the content is able to control blood sugar levels so that heart health can be maintained.

11. Maintain Body Endurance

Elderberry fruit contains Vitamin C and Antioxidants, the two ingredients are a strong combination to keep the human body's immune system well maintained. So if you want not to get sick easily, you can consume elderberry fruit.

What to Note Before Consuming Elderberry Fruit

Raw elderberry fruit turns out to contain lectin substances that can cause stomach problems if you consume too much. In addition, this plant also contains cyanogenic glycosides which can release cyanide in the body under certain conditions, this is certainly very dangerous for your body.

Elderberry fruit consumed raw can also cause health problems such as Nausea, Vomiting, Dizziness, Numbness in the Body to Loss of Consciousness.

However, please note that the risks that I mentioned earlier can be lost if you cook them first, but make sure that only the flesh is consumed, not the leaves, stems, roots or seeds.

Those are some of the benefits of elderberry fruit that I can convey, although it has many benefits, it is highly recommended not to consume too much. Regards