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3 Benefits of Banana Peel for Itching

3 Benefits of Banana Peel for Itching

Bananas are known to have very good nutritional content for human health. Apart from that, bananas also have a sweet taste and also have quite a lot of types. But there are still many of us who still know the benefits of just the flesh of the fruit, so banana peels are often thrown away because not many think that banana peels have no benefits whatsoever. Even though this banana peel has various types of health benefits, one of which is for itching.

Benefits of Banana Skin For Itching

Itchy conditions can indeed occur due to several factors, so it is not uncommon for people to often experience this condition because there are indeed some people who have quite sensitive skin. So that it causes responses such as itching or irritation and also redness with banana peels, it turns out that some of these conditions can be treated.

1. Itchy Skin Due to Insects

One of the factors that can cause a person to experience itching on the skin is due to insect bites, such as ants, mosquitoes and other insects. Because biting human skin is one way to do self-protection for insects.

Even though the itchy condition is not dangerous, of course it will make the sufferer feel uncomfortable, because it is not only itching, but some conditions can also experience a feeling of heat, causing irritation. The first treatment you can do is to rub the itchy skin with a banana peel, this is due to the content of Vitamin C which can help improve skin health.

2. Itching Due to Allergies

Some of the causes for someone experiencing itching are due to allergic factors, whether it's due to the weather or allergies to other things. Banana peel itself contains magnesium which is very good for dealing with itchy problems due to allergies.

Try rubbing the allergic area with the banana peel to help relieve itching, and also the rash that is commonly experienced by allergy sufferers. Although it can be done by taking drugs, sometimes some allergy sufferers avoid taking drugs.

3. Itching Due to Hypersensitivity

High sensitivity to dust, air pollution or sunlight can occur in some people who have a high level of sensitivity. Some people who have this type of skin will usually use special beauty products for sensitive skin or wear long clothes.

Even though you can also use banana peels to solve this problem, because banana peels contain nutrients that are very good for skin health. However, please note that make sure beforehand that the banana skin has been washed thoroughly using running water.

Banana Skin Benefits For Health

Besides being useful for itchy conditions on the skin, it turns out that banana peels can also be useful for health. For example, helping to maintain healthy hair. Banana peels contain antioxidants that are high enough to help prevent damage to the hair, and ward off free radicals caused by sunlight or pollution.

Other benefits obtained from banana peels can actually help prevent or reduce the risk of cancer. Due to the presence of very high antioxidants besides helping to ward off free radicals. Banana peels are also believed to help ward off cancer by consuming or processing them in the right way.

Polyphenols and carotenoids present in banana peels can help reduce the presence of cancer cells that can grow in the human body. However, this is still limited to research on animals and some living things that have DNA that is quite similar to humans. Of course further information and research is needed regarding the benefits of banana peels to treat and prevent cancer.

Banana peels have benefits that are no less important than the bananas themselves. In general, bananas are a fruit that is widely consumed, but banana peels are rarely used and are often thrown away. Though there are some benefits that can be obtained. If you use banana peels properly, one of them is for health.

Apart from taking advantage of the use of banana peels, it is also recommended to assist a doctor to get the best results in dealing with itchy conditions due to various factors, especially when the skin is sensitive. Hopefully this article can help you and provide more inspiration for you. Regards