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4 Benefits of Dragon Fruit Skin for Hair Care

4 Benefits of Dragon Fruit Skin for Hair Care

Dragon fruit is one type of fruit that comes from Mexico, Central America and the USA, dragon fruit itself has the Latin name Heloserkus undatus which was initially thought to be just a cactus plant. But thanks to the Indian tribes who have the initiative to eat it, so the fruit of this cactus type plant can be eaten to this day.

Now this is indeed a lot of research on the content of this dragon fruit, besides the skin on this dragon fruit also has very good content for health, especially for natural hair care. Some of the content contained in dragon fruit skin such as antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients are quite a lot.

Benefits of Dragon Fruit Skin for Hair Health

To do hair care can actually be done using dragon fruit skin, if you have just consumed it. This method has been done by most people, so they have gotten quite satisfactory results. And here are some of the benefits of dragon fruit skin for natural hair care.

1. Able to Repair Damage to Hair

Damage to the hair can indeed occur, some problems that can cause damage to the hair are the presence of dyes or other chemicals that are applied to the hair frequently and hair heaters that are applied too much. Both of these factors are often done by most people, but not many of them that these problems can cause hair to become damaged. That's why you need to provide nutrition to your hair, be it with natural ingredients such as dragon fruit skin or by using other hair health products.

2. Hair becomes shiny

Having shiny and healthy hair is every woman's dream, because hair is a crown that must be kept healthy in the opinion of most women. That's why to have really healthy and shiny hair, of course you have to provide enough nutrition for healthy hair like dragon fruit skin which does have the nutrients needed by hair. Because the dragon fruit skin contains Vitamin C which is able to maintain healthy hair, besides that there are enzymes contained in the dragon fruit skin that are able to smooth rough hair.

3. Prevents Hair Loss

Hair loss is a fear that is often experienced by most women, because this condition makes a woman's confidence level decrease. So many of the women out there who give the best care to keep their hair in a healthy condition. That's why you can give dragon fruit skin as a natural hair treatment.

4. Prevents Dry and Split Hair

Having dry and branched hair certainly makes a woman not confident anymore. This condition is a lack of nutrients that are needed by the hair, so that nutrients are needed for the hair so that this condition does not occur. That's why you can use dragon fruit skin to provide nutrients in the form of Vitamin C, so that dry and split ends do not occur.

How to Apply Dragon Fruit Skin to Hair

The question that you will think about after reading this article is how to apply dragon fruit skin to hair? Take it easy, here are some ways you can do it.

  1. Prepare the dragon fruit skin that has been cleaned
  2. Puree the skin of the dragon fruit, but note that it is not too runny or too thick
  3. After that, apply the dragon fruit peel juice on the hair evenly
  4. Cover your hair with a shower cap and wait for 45 minutes
  5. After that, rinse your hair using clean running water
  6. To get satisfactory results, do this method regularly

Those are some of the benefits of dragon fruit skin for hair health and how to apply it. Hopefully the article that I provide on this occasion can provide the latest insights for you and provide positive benefits for you. Regards