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8 Benefits of Green Chili for Pregnant Women

8 Benefits of Green Chili for Pregnant Women

If a pregnant woman likes pens food, maybe chili is a mandatory spice that must be in her cooking. However, please note that red chilies with green chilies have different levels of spicy taste, because green chilies have a much lower level of spiciness compared to red chilies. So it is still often considered safe for consumption by pregnant women.

Benefits of Chili for Pregnant Women

As you know that a pregnant woman must avoid spicy food, but this can be overcome by consuming green chilies. And here are some of the benefits of green chilies for pregnant women that I can explain.

1. Maintain Body Immunity

As you know that pregnant women often get sick, be it from viruses or other problems. So that pregnant women are very obliged to consume Vitamin C which is of course found in this green chili, because as you know that Vitamin C has an important role, namely increasing the body's immunity, especially pregnant women.

2. Maintain Blood Sugar Pressure

In general, chili is able to regulate blood sugar levels. The sugar content in green chilies is actually very low, which is only 5 grams. In addition, the calorie content is also very low, which is only as much as 40 Kcal. In addition, green chilies also contain potassium which can prevent hypertension which can attack pregnant women.

3. Get rid of acne on the skin

The problem that is often experienced by pregnant women is acne, because this problem often occurs in women who are pregnant. That's why pregnant women should consume foods that contain antioxidants and Vitamin C in order to avoid skin problems such as acne, skin rashes to stretch marks. If you consume green chili with a normal portion then you can get these benefits.

4. Prevent Cancer

During pregnancy, of course, many changes will occur, so pregnant women must consume foods that contain antioxidants that are able to protect the body from cancer, especially oxidative damage. Green cabbage also contains carotenoid compounds, where these compounds are a source of antioxidants to prevent DNA damage and also reduce the risk of cancer.

5. Maintain Digestive Organ Health

During pregnancy, of course, the digestive organs usually experience disturbances, and this is common in women who are pregnant. Therefore, it is highly recommended to consume green chilies with normal portions so that problems with the digestive organs can be resolved properly.

6. Contains Folate Intake

Folate, Folic Acid or commonly referred to as Vitamin B9 are nutrients that are needed by pregnant women, because these nutrients are able to prevent neural tube defects. Neural tube defects are conditions that occur when the baby's spine, brain, and skull do not develop properly. .

7. Reduce Pain

Green chili turns out to contain Capsaicin which has a very large role for pregnant women, the content is apparently able to reduce pain or pain in the body that is often felt by pregnant women at the first time.

8. Treating Colds

Colds are a disease that is quite often experienced by pregnant women, although this disease is not dangerous for a person, but it is very risky for the fetus in the stomach. And you need to know that green chilies have often been used as natural herbal ingredients that are able to treat colds all over the world.

Those are some of the benefits of green chilies for pregnant women, although they can be consumed, please note that it is not recommended to consume too much, because it can affect the growth of the fetus in the stomach. Regards