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5 Unexpected Benefits of Ice Cubes for Lip Care

5 Unexpected Benefits of Ice Cubes for Lip Care

Ice cubes are one of the natural ingredients that we often encounter at home, usually these ice cubes are used as an addition when you make juice to make it more fresh and delicious. But did you know that ice cubes also have benefits as a natural lip treatment.

Most people, especially women do all kinds of treatments to keep their lips in a healthy and attractive condition. Especially if doing lip care can be done at home using natural ingredients such as ice cubes.

Some people are still doubtful and unsure whether ice cubes are safe to use for lip care. The answer is safe and okay, ice cubes will help soothe tired skin and lips that feel hot after exposure to the sun. Even in Korea there is Ice Facial which is quite popular. The benefits of facial facials using ice cubes are quite in demand by many people, the benefits themselves are to make the face more radiant and look smoother.

Benefits of Ice Cubes for Lips

Some people are still many who do not know if doing lip care can be done using ice cubes. And on this occasion I will explain the benefits of ice cubes for lip health, and here are some explanations.

1. Soothes Inflammation

If the lips are exposed to direct sunlight it can cause the lips to feel itchy, rough to inflamed, especially if excessive, it can actually cause allergies to rashes. An easy way to overcome this condition is to rub ice cubes on the lips slowly. Ice cubes will be a great way to constrict blood vessels and relieve inflammation and discomfort in no time. For how to use it, make sure it is wrapped in a cloth first.

2. Soften Lips

Having dry and chapped lips can certainly cause a person to become uncomfortable and lower self-confidence. Therefore you can use ice cubes to solve this problem, but you also need to consume lots of water so that the problem can be resolved quickly.

3. Make Lips Redder

The next benefit of ice cubes is its ability to naturally redden the lips, that's because the cold sensation on the ice cubes will launch the blood circulation in the lips, so it will make the lips blush.

4. Gives the impression of supple and full

When the blood circulation becomes smooth, dehydrated and moist because you just rubbed ice cubes on the lips, this condition will make the lips healthier. Ice cubes will give the impression of lips that are supple and fuller instantly. For how to use it, just put an ice cube on your lips and leave it for 5-6 minutes.

5. Increases Absorption of Beauty Products

When you are going to give some beauty products that are specifically used for lips such as lipstick, it would be nice to first smear your lips with ice cubes. It aims to maximize the benefits of the beauty products that you will apply to your lips. This method can increase the absorption of the product that is applied. Some products can even reach deeper layers of the skin after being rubbed with an ice cube.

How to use ice cubes for lip care

For those of you who still don't understand how to use ice cubes for lip care, then don't worry, because I will explain it as follows.

  1. Take an ice cube, then clean it with running water, then wrap it with a cloth
  2. Then stick the ice cubes on the lips slowly
  3. After that massage slowly and feel the sensation of the cold effect

Besides being able to be used on the lips, you can also apply it to other parts such as the cheeks, jaw, chin, nose, forehead, and neck. If you do the above method correctly it will maximize the benefits of ice cubes for your lips. Hopefully this article is useful and can add to your insight. Regards