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Make Clean and Bright : 8 Benefits of Baby Soap For Face

8 Benefits of Baby Soap For Face

Baby soap is one type of soap used by babies. But at that time when I ran out of face wash I tried to use baby soap as a substitute for the facial soap I usually use.

After using baby soap for a few days I felt a very extraordinary change on my facial skin. Therefore, I will share some of the benefits of baby soap that I have felt when using it.

What Is Baby Soap?

Baby soap is a hygiene product that is specifically used for newborns up to 5 years old. Baby soap has special advantages, such as it does not sting when it comes to eyes or is injured.

In addition, baby soap does not use harmful chemicals, because baby's skin is very sensitive if it is exposed to too many chemicals. That is why baby soap is very suitable for cleaning facial skin.

Benefits of Baby Soap for Cleaning Face

It started just for fun because at that time I ran out of facial soap that I used to use, and at the same time I got quite a lot of baby soap from my neighbor, that's when the experiment started. Here I will explain some of the benefits of baby soap that I have felt.

1. Brighten Facial Skin
The first time I used baby soap as a facial cleanser, the first thing I felt was that my facial skin felt brighter than usual. Even though I had never tried baby soap before as a facial cleanser, the benefits of baby soap were immediately felt the first time I tried it.

2. Whiten Facial Skin
When I have used it regularly several days, about 7 days or a week. The benefit that I felt at that time was that my face looked whiter than usual.

I use baby soap in the morning and in the evening. I clean my face using baby soap regularly, and the result is that my facial skin looks whiter.

3. Reducing Oil On Facial Skin
This is a complaint I often feel when I just clean my face using the facial soap I usually use. When I finished cleaning my face at that time my face didn't look oily, but after a few hours the oil was already on my skin, especially on my nose.

However, when I used baby soap at that time, the oil that usually accumulates a lot in the nose area suddenly disappears. And when I wait 3 to 6 hours the oil which usually comes back at that time disappears instantly.

4. Smooths Facial Skin
Before I used baby soap as a substitute for the facial soap I usually use, my skin was quite rough when touched. But when I use baby soap regularly every morning and evening, I also feel that my facial skin looks smoother than usual.

5. Overcoming Acne in the Face Area
The main benefit that usually makes you not confident is the presence of acne on the face. Acne itself comes from oil and also dirt in the form of dust and pollution trapped in the pores of facial skin.

If the oil and dirt in the pores of the facial skin are not cleaned thoroughly, it will cause acne. Using baby soap as a facial cleanser will certainly prevent acne breakouts on facial skin.

6. Substitute Face Soap
At first I just wanted to try and in the end I decided to replace my facial soap with baby soap. Because the benefits I have felt are quite a lot and very meaningful for my facial skin.

7. Clean Facial Skin
Using baby soap as a facial cleanser is certainly very effective for cleaning facial skin thoroughly. Because I myself have felt cleanliness when using this baby soap.

8. Tighten Facial Skin
The last benefit I feel is the firmness of the skin on my face. When I first started using it, I felt a fine line on the bottom of my cheek. However, after 3 - 5 days I noticed that the fine lines that usually exist on the lower part of the cheeks gradually disappeared.

Those are some of the benefits of baby soap for faces, hopefully my story can be an inspiration for all of you who have facial problems as I have written in this article.

Baby soap is known to not use a lot of chemicals, because baby soap is only used on baby's skin which is very sensitive. So baby soap is certainly very suitable to be used as facial soap, because baby soap is not dangerous. Regards