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10 Benefits of Plums For The Face To Be Naturally Beautiful


Plums are a fruit that is related to Cherry, this fruit has a sweet and sour taste and is also fresh. This fruit does not only have a good taste, but this fruit also has many benefits, especially for facial care.

To get beautiful facial skin, of course most of us choose to use several beauty products so we don't know that plums are also able to treat facial skin to look naturally beautiful.

Maybe there are still many of us who don't know the benefits of plums, especially for facial skin care so that they look naturally beautiful. Even though these plums can also be used as a puree for making masks or face scrubs.

Natural Treatment On The Face With Plums

Most women start to treat their faces with some natural ingredients, because according to them using natural ingredients certainly reduces some of the risks. Using cosmetic products sometimes has many risks, such as irritation, appearing red spots, heat etc. Therefore, caring for the face using natural ingredients such as plums can certainly minimize skin diseases on the face.

Benefits of Plums For Natural Beauty

Many ask whether plums should be used to treat the face naturally? Of course not, because treating your face naturally can also use several other ways such as the benefits of rice masks, benefits of aloe vera masks, etc.

But here I will also explain some of the benefits of plums for natural care for your facial skin to make it look beautiful. Because making your face look beautiful you don't have to use cosmetics. Okay, here are some of the benefits for plums for natural facial skin care.

1. High in antioxidants
The first benefit of plums is the high content of antioxidants in this fruit. Antioxidants themselves also function to ward off free radicals on the skin due to pollution, dust or UV rays. Things like that can become damaged facial skin and acne.

2. Rich in Vitamin C
Plums are considered to have a high vitamin C content, Vitamin C itself has a very important function, especially for facial skin. Facial skin is the part of the skin that is most often exposed to UV rays.

That is why Vitamin C in plums is very necessary, because the function of this vitamin C is to optimize the production of the amount of collagen in the skin, so as to protect the skin from within.

3. Makes Skin Firmer
Besides being able to protect the skin from the inside, collagen also has other functions, namely keeping the skin elastic and supple. That means the skin is able to look taut and glowing naturally.

Because if the skin looks tight, there is no such thing as wrinkles or fine lines on the facial skin. Because some of these factors are too frequent exposure to free radicals and accumulation of dead skin.

4. To Look Younger
If you want a face that always looks young then you have to consume foods that have the nutrients your skin needs. Some of the vitamins that are good for the skin include Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A and also beta carotene. In addition, consume foods that contain high antioxidants such as prunes.

5. Provides Natural Nutrition to Facial Skin
As I explained earlier, plums are a fruit that can provide the nutrients the facial skin needs to be cared for naturally.

Due to the content of Vitamin C which functions to optimize the amount of collagen, antioxidants that can ward off free radicals, and also contains Vitamin E which protects against bad UV rays.

6. Prevent Acne On Face
As you all know, there are so many beauty products circulating that offer the ability to prevent acne from growing, but are unable to get rid of acne scars.

Therefore, consuming plums is not only able to prevent acne, but also to get rid of acne scars on the skin of the face.

7. Overcoming Premature Aging
If you work outdoors, of course exposure to free radicals and UV rays can grow wrinkles and fine lines on the face, now that is what are called signs of premature aging.

Debgan consuming plums is certainly very good for nourishing facial skin on the inside, and besides that making plums as a mask or face scrub is also useful for treating skin on the outside.

8. Prevent Hyperpigmentation
The facial skin is the part that is very often exposed to direct sunlight. Therefore, facial skin is very susceptible to hyperpigmentation. Therefore, to prevent hyperpigmentation, of course you must consume fruits that contain nutrients to meet your facial care needs, like this plum.

9. Hydrating Facial Skin From Outside And Inside
Using plums as a mask or face scrub on a regular basis is certainly very useful to hydrate facial skin from the outside naturally. After that, consuming plums directly, of course, is also able to hydrate the skin from the inside.

When the skin is regularly hydrated with full nutrition, it will certainly make the skin healthy and always look young. That is why plums are believed to be natural skin care fruits.

10. As a natural facial treatment
Apart from having the nutrients that are needed by facial skin, of course consuming plums regularly does not cause any side effects for its users. Unlike the case with using beauty products, most of which have certain side effects for users.

Those are some of the benefits of plums that are able to treat facial skin naturally, because with natural ingredients you will certainly avoid some side effects, it's a different story if you have your own allergies to this fruit.

Actually there are many benefits of plums that I can explain, but I will try to write down some of the other benefits of these plums. Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who are confused about how to treat your face naturally. Regards