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[Full] 17 Benefits of Mackerel Fish and Important Nutrition for health

Consuming fish is one of the foods that is indispensable because of the important nutrients in it. Like mackerel, which has long been believed to contain very high protein compared to some fish species in general.

Mackerel has begun to be traded in many markets to supermarkets. This is because many people like to eat mackerel as their daily menu. Apart from having a very delicious and savory taste, it turns out that there are several very important benefits that you need to know.

[Full] 17 Benefits of Mackerel Fish and Important Nutrition for health

Benefits of High Protein Mackerel

Although nowadays we find many, especially in supermarkets that sell canned mackerel, actually its nutritional content is much different from fresh mackerel. In addition, fresh mackerel does not contain preservatives so it is very good for the health of the body. That's why here I will explain some of the benefits of mackerel for body health.

1. High in Animal Protein
The protein that exists in this world is divided into 2, namely animal protein and vegetable protein. To get a healthy body, of course, you have to balance the two types of protein. Like mackerel, which contains animal protein which is very important to meet your daily nutritional needs.

2. High in Omega 3
Omega 3 fatty acids are a very important nutrient for the development of the nerves in the brain. That is why many recommend eating mackerel for children who are in school.

3. Recommended for Pregnant Women
A woman who is pregnant, of course, should pay attention to what she consumes. Especially at the gestational age of 1-3 months, because at that time the fetus will form the nervous system and brain.

If you want a smart child, of course, a pregnant woman at that age is advised to eat mackerel regularly. Because the content of omega 3 in fish serves to optimize brain development.

4. As a mixture of Baby Porridge
If you have a baby, of course at the age of 6 months and over you will give him baby porridge because at that time the baby does not only consume milk but also baby porridge.

Giving mackerel to baby porridge has been widely recommended by midwives and pediatricians. Because at that age the baby should be given porridge to compliment the baby's daily needs.

5. Contains Vitamin B12
Consuming foods that contain Vitamin B12 is mandatory. Because the function of vitamin B12 is useful for protecting the nervous system from damage and also preventing anemia. To get this vitamin, you can consume mackerel, because this fish contains Vitamin B12.

6. Low Mercury
Mercury is a dangerous substance that usually attaches to several types of fish in the sea. However, it is different from mackerel, because this fish is one of the fish species that is not contaminated by mercury, so it is very safe for regular consumption.

7. Is a Source of Selenium
Consuming foods containing selenium is a separate obligation for people with heart disease. Because consuming foods containing selenium which can optimize heart performance and prevent coronary heart disease.

Everyone should consume selenium, it is intended that your daily selenium needs can be maintained. As you know, eating mackerel can meet up to 71% of your body's selenium needs.

8. Maintain Heart Health
Why do I recommend eating mackerel regularly for people with heart disease? Because mackerel fish contains potassium which functions to keep the heart-healthy. In addition, there are several nutrients and minerals such as omega 3, zinc, zinc, and magnesium that keep the heart healthy.

9. High in Vitamin D
Most people probably only know that vitamin D only exists in sunlight, which is wrong. Mackerel also contains high Vitamin D, besides that mackerel is also a high source of vitamin D besides sunlight.

10. Optimizing the Growth Period
For children, the growth period is a period where the child will experience a variety of growth, both physically and mentally. Giving him regular mackerel fish food was able to optimize the growth of children and prevent child failure to grow.

11. Have Vitamin K
Even though the human body is capable of producing its own Vitamin K, it turns out that mackerel fish also has this content. Vitamin K is very important for the body because this fish can accelerate blood clotting when there is a wound on the skin.

So that Vitamin K has an important role when you are going to do surgery. By consuming mackerel regularly, it can speed up the process of healing wounds on your skin after surgery.

12. Reduces Triglyceride Levels
Mackerel contains omega 3 which has a function to keep the nervous system of the brain able to work optimally. In addition, other benefits are being able to reduce the level of triglycerides in the body.

13. Reducing cholesterol in the blood
Having cholesterol disease is certainly very uncomfortable, because, in addition to accumulating in the blood vessels, it turns out that cholesterol is also lodged in the blood.

Mackerel does have a low cholesterol content, besides that the content of mackerel fish which functions to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood vessels can also reduce bad cholesterol in the blood.

14. Reducing Pain for Arthritis Sufferers
Apart from having several important nutrients for the body, it turns out that mackerel fish also contains anti-inflammatory properties which are useful for reducing pain and inflammation. Especially if you suffer from arthritis and rheumatism, of course eating mackerel can reduce the pain you experience when you experience a relapse.

15. Improve Brain Performance
The main content in mackerel which functions to improve brain performance is high omega 3. If the performance of the brain increases, especially for children who are growing, it will also increase brain intelligence.

In addition, it is also good for parents aged 50 years and over to consume omega 3 from mackerel, because consuming them regularly can reduce dementia.

16. Reducing the Symptoms of Mental Illness
Mental illness can affect anyone, whether they are young or old. This disease can occur due to environmental or family factors. To reduce symptoms, you can consume mackerel, because omega 3 in mackerel can overcome mental illnesses including ADHD.

17. Easy Solutions to Lose Weight
Mackerel is a type of fish that is very low in fat but high in nutrients. So that you can use it for the natural weight loss process.

Those are some of the benefits of mackerel for body health. It should be noted that when processing all kinds of fish from the sea, because the tendency to mercury is quite high, so not only mackerel but all of them. Regards