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15 Benefits and Facts of Puffer Fish Toxic but High in Nutrients

Pufferfish is one very poisonous type of fish, that is the reason many do not dare to consume this type of fish. To process it, special skills are needed so that someone who consumes it is not poisoned by eating it.

But behind having a very deadly poison, it turns out that pufferfish has a lot of features that many of us don't know about. That is why I will explain about what are the benefits of this poisonous pufferfish.

15 Benefits and Facts of Puffer Fish Toxic but High in Nutrients

Know About Pufferfish

Pufferfish is one type of fish that is very poisonous and can make anyone who consumes it die. Pufferfish is one of the second poisonous species after poison frogs.

The uniqueness of this pufferfish is that when it is in danger it will inflate its body so that its body seems to have been blown. The spread of pufferfish is quite wide-ranging from China, Japan, and even Southeast Asia.

Benefits of Puffer Fish for Body Health

Even though it is poisonous, it turns out that if it is processed properly and carefully, it can provide extraordinary benefits for our bodies. However, I suggest processing it by a certified chef to guarantee its safety.

1. High in Animal Protein
The types of protein that exist in this world are divided into two, namely vegetable protein and animal protein. For animal protein, of course, you already know that this type of protein is very good for body health. Especially for children who are in their infancy.

2. Contains Omega 3
Apart from having a high animal protein content, it turns out that pufferfish also contains omega 3 which is very good for the brain in children and adults. In addition to being able to make the brain smart, it turns out that the benefits of omega 3 in pufferfish for adults are to prevent dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

3. Able to Increase Stamina
Having more stamina is very much needed for everyday life. Especially for a man who works all day long. To increase stamina, it turns out that consuming puffer fish is a very effective way.

Because pufferfish contain minerals such as phosphorus and iron. As you know that iron is useful for optimizing the production of red blood cells. If the two minerals are combined, it can increase stamina in the body.

4. Increase Appetite
If your child has problems with poor appetite, you can make pufferfishes a side dish. Because in addition to having a delicious taste, it turns out that the nutritional content of pufferfish is also able to increase appetite in children.

5. High Potassium
According to research, ppufferfishessstype of fish potassium content. Potassium itself functions to maintain stamina and energy in humans so that it doesn't run out easily.

6. Maintain Body Resistance
Having a healthy immune system is something that must be done by every human being. Because if someone has a strong immune system, that person is not susceptible to various diseases.

Pufferfishcontains iron, Omega 3, and other vitamins and minerals which function to maintain endurance. Besides that, another benefit is to speed up the recovery period when you are sick.

7. Very Good For Cholesterol Sufferers
For people with cholesterol, of course, maintaining cholesterol pressure is something that must be maintained. Because if high cholesterol pressure can certainly cause several health problems for sufferers.

The pufferfish itself does not contain high cholesterol, this is what makes puffer fish different from other types of fish. Even pufferfish can optimize cholesterol levels in the body to keep it stable.

8. Heal Wounds Quickly
Pufferfish contains a special protein that can heal wounds quickly, the protein content is called albumin. Besides being able to heal wounds quickly, this type of albumin protein is also able to speed up wound recovery after surgery.

9. Prevent And Treat Anemia
Anemia or commonly referred to as a deficiency in red blood cells, this disease has symptoms such as lightheadedness of the eye until you lose consciousness. In the content of puffer fish, there is iron which can optimize the production of red blood cells so that it can prevent and also overcome a deficiency of red blood cells.

10. Maintain Brain and Nerve Health
It is common for fish that live in the sea to contain very high omega 3. The content of omega 3 in pufferfish has benefits for maintaining the health of the human brain and nervous system.

This is highly recommended for children who are in their infancy. Because at that time, eating pufferfish regularly can optimize the performance of the nervous system and brain health.

11. High Iron
Pufferfish does have very high iron content. Apart from being able to optimize the production of red blood cells, it turns out that the iron content in pufferfish can maintain the body's metabolic system to stay awake.

12. Blood Circulation
The iron content in pufferfish is quite high which can optimize the production of red blood cells and is also able to improve blood circulation, this is because the body's metabolic system runs smoothly. That is the reason why pufferfish are also able to improve blood circulation.

13. Preventing Heart Disease
Heart disease is a very deadly disease. Heart disease includes stroke, coronary heart disease, and heart attack. And the cause of the disease is because the blood circulation is not smooth, that's why it is highly recommended to consume puffer fish so that blood circulation is smooth and able to prevent heart disease.

14. Maintain Healthy Skin
Even though it has very good benefits for the health of the body, consuming pufferfish regularly is also able to maintain healthy skin. This is due to the large number of vitamins and minerals that your skin needs.

15. Has Anti-Cancer Substances
The advantage of pufferfish is that it contains anti-cancer substances which are very important for health. Because cancer is one of the deadly diseases and until now there is still no cure for it.

Anti-cancer substances in pufferfish are useful for preventing cancer from entering your body. Such as the protein content which functions to regenerate human nerve cells, and also antioxidants which also play an important role as an anti-cancer agent.

Those are some of the benefits of consuming pufferfish for health. However, as you know, pufferfish must be processed by a special experienced chef, because pufferfish has 3 organs that contain dangerous toxins including the liver, skin, and spines on its entire body. Regards