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7 Benefits of Gotu Kola Leaves for Children With Autism as a Healing Therapy Drug

Autism is a Neurological disease that can affect humans from the age of five and can last until adulthood. In one study, this disease was caused due to growth disorders in the brain at the beginning of the growth period and occurred due to several genetic factors.

If you are a parent who has a child who has autism, you can do therapy to restore it. One way of natural therapy, you can give herbal plants as a medicinal therapy without having to be afraid of excess side effects.

7 Benefits of Gotu Kola Leaves for Children With Autism as a Healing Therapy Drug

Benefits of Gotu Kola Leaves for Children with Autism

One way to do herbal therapy by utilizing gotu kola plants, one part of this plant that is often used as a natural therapy is on the leaves. This gotu kola plant can thrive on land which is sometimes considered a pest for people who do not know its benefits. Gotu kola leaves have been used as a therapeutic drug for children with autism, and here are some of the benefits of gotu kola leaves for children with autism.

1. Overcoming Anxiety
Children who have autism certainly have very high anxiety compared to children in general. Most parents who have children with autism will give Anti Depression drugs to reduce anxiety.

Gotu kola leaves also contain Anti Depression which is useful for reducing anxiety in children. The benefits of gotu kola leaves have been carried out by many researchers abroad as a plant that can reduce anxiety in children suffering from autism.

2. Improve Cognitive Function of the Brain
As you know, people with autism certainly have less thinking power for some things that they don't like. Gotu kola leaves have benefits to improve cognitive function in the brain

Many have believed that gotu kola leaf extract can increase thinking power in the brain naturally. In a study comparing Folic Acid and gotu kola leaf extract to improve memory in people.

The results it gives are very surprising, that the results give much more effective gotu kola leaves compared to folic acid. That is why it is highly recommended to give gotu kola leaf extract to children with autism to improve their thinking power.

3. Reducing Stress Levels
Children with autism do have their own limitations, so they often cause stress due to several factors in their environment. When this happens you can give gotu kola leaf extract as a therapeutic drug. The anti-depression content in gotu kola leaves not only reduces anxiety, but can also reduce stress in children.

4. Improve Nervous System Performance
When feelings of anxiety or feelings of stress interfere with the condition of a child with autism, it will certainly interfere with the performance of the nervous system in the brain. The anti-depression content in gotu kola leaves can certainly help improve the nervous system to run normally.

When the nervous system is working optimally, the body will respond quickly, when things are running normally, the body will find it easier to pick up on responses faster so that it is easier to accept and respond to things.

5. Improve Memory
As you know, when children suffer from autism, they will certainly have low memory. In the content of gotu kola leaves have benefits to improve memory in children with autism.

Consuming gotu kola leaf or its extract is certainly the best solution to improve memory in autistic children or normal children. In addition, this method is a natural way so that it does not have negative side effects for the body.

6. Make Feelings Better
Children who suffer from autism will have a high emotional level. This kind of situation really influences their attitude and behavior on a day-to-day basis. You can give gotu kola leaves, because there are special hormones that can maintain their emotional level and personality.

7. Overcoming Distraction While Sleeping
Children with autism certainly often have trouble sleeping, this kind of situation certainly makes children even more troublesome to handle it. The benefits of gotu kola leaves are also useful for making children with autism sleep peacefully.

Because the gotu kola leaves contain a calming substance so that it can be useful to make the mind of children with autism calmer. When the condition of the brain and body is calm, it will make sleep more comfortable.

There are many benefits of gotu kola leaves, especially for people with autism. Even though the gotu kola plant is considered a wild plant, it doesn't hurt to try it if you have children or siblings who have autism. Apart from being of economic value, gotu kola leaves do not have special side effects so it is very safe to consume regularly.

In order to get maximum results, of course you must know how to process and how to consume them properly. I suggest always to consult your regular doctor first to find out the recommended dosage.

There is nothing wrong with giving natural remedies, because they do not have negative side effects or excess dependence. However, you also need to know the dosage recommended by the doctor so that no unwanted things happen. Regards