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9 Benefits of Camphor Oil for Health and Natural Beauty Treatments

Camphor is often referred to as camphor which is often used to deodorize the bathroom or clothes in the cupboard to avoid a musty smell. In addition, camphor is also often used as an insect repellent such as cockroaches.

Most people often equate camphor with camphor, when in fact camphor is a synthetic camphor. Camphor is based on camphor, but it is mixed with other chemicals.

9 Benefits of Camphor Oil for Health and Natural Beauty Treatments

What Is Camphor Oil?

Camphor itself comes from natural ingredients from the camphor tree, or commonly known as Cinnamomum Camphora. The camphor tree actually originates from the Japanese State of Hiroshima, but currently it has spread throughout the Asian continent with the Dryobalanops Campora variety.

To get camphor oil is only camphor trees that have an age above 50 years, because at that age the camphor tree is able to produce an oily substance which is often called camphor oil.

In addition, camphor oil has several uses, such as for liniment. To get camphor oil has a process that is distilling the bark of the tree to get camphor wood oil extract.

Benefits of Camphor Oil

Camphor oil is often used as a liniment, a raw material for balms and ointments. Because the content of camphor oil can also relieve to relieve pain, reduce itching on the skin and treat various skin problems in the hair. But on this occasion I will discuss some of the benefits of camphor oil for health and natural beauty treatments.

1. Treating Pain
Camphor oil has anti-irritation properties so it can relieve pain and also treat swelling of the skin. Because when you apply camphor oil it will numb the skin nerves so that the pain can be relieved. In addition, camphor oil is also able to deal with reddened skin due to inflammation.

2. Treating Skin Rashes
Another problem that makes the skin red is skin rash, this disease does not only occur in babies, but adults can also get skin rash problems. Camphor oil is capable of treating skin rashes which can be applied directly to the skin. For how to use it, mix camphor oil in water, then apply it to the area affected by the skin rash regularly until it is completely healed.

3. Prevent Fungus On Nails
Using camphor oil is also very effective for the treatment of nail fungus, thereby preventing your nails from becoming fungal. Nail fungus or Onychomycosis is a disease that can attack the nails, most people often experience fungus on the feet. Because in this area it is often exposed to dirty water and too often experiences moisture so that it grows fungus on the nails.

4. Treating Eczema Problems
Eczema is a disease caused by irritation that often occurs in children and adults. Camphor oil can also be applied to the skin resulting in inflammation as a cause of eczema. In addition, camphor oil is also often used as an ointment base which is very effective in treating eczema.

5. Make Sleep Better
Camphor oil has a very fragrant aroma, so it provides a relaxing effect for those of you who have difficulty sleeping. For how to use it, it is very easy, namely by dripping camphor oil on the pillow that you will use for sleeping. The aroma given to this camphor oil is very helpful for you to sleep better.

6. Treating Coughs And Colds
For those of you or your child who has cough and cold problems, don't be too quick to give medicine to treat it. Because applying camphor oil to the chest and back is an alternative way to treat coughs, colds and soothes the throat.

7. Grow Hair Naturally
Hair loss or hair loss and make hair stop growing is a problem that is often experienced by a man. This situation makes a man feel insecure due to the problems he is experiencing.

Doing wrong hair care is one of the causes of bald head, besides that the use of dangerous chemicals can also make things worse. The natural way you can do to grow hair naturally is by applying camphor oil plus other natural oils.

Doing this method is very effective to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp area and promote hair growth effectively. Do this method regularly so that your hair growth will be resolved immediately, besides that this method is also very effective for making your hair soft.

8. Overcoming Hair Lice
Having lice in the hair is a big problem for every woman, because if the scalp has lots of head lice, it will cause the head to itch due to the blood that is sucked in by the head lice.

Even though you have done various ways to get rid of head lice but they have not worked, maybe you can apply camphor oil to the scalp, this method has proven many, and many are satisfied with the results given.

9. Treating Acne
Acne is a problem on the skin, especially on the face. Acne itself is the amount of oil and dirt in the pores of the face. Camphor oil contains anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-septic properties which are very effective in treating acne.

Apart from that, other benefits of camphor oil are also able to fade black spots caused by acne that has healed. For how to use it, you can mix camphor oil with a natural or artificial face mask.

Those are some of the benefits of camphor oil for health and natural beauty care, hopefully this article can be useful for all of you who have some of the problems that I have described earlier. Regards